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Why private coaching?

From beginning actors to seasoned pros, everyone can use an outside eye. The focused attention of a private coaching session can be what's needed to intensify your performance, to move your performance from good to great.

Consider one or more coaching sessions to:

  • prepare for an important audition

  • fine tune a character 

  • advance your skills more rapidly

  • tackle a nagging obstacle in your acting

  • develop original material

  • craft a one-person show

"Bob was able to get right to the heart of what I needed to elevate my performance. Working one-on-one with him gave me complete confidence for the audition."

—Cori Allison

Coaching with Robert Bailey

Let me know what you most want to focus on. Is there a deadline? What are the best times for you to meet? What do you most hope to gain from our coaching session/s?

Success! Message received.

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