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Here's what we work toward. 
  • OWN the role, whether in auditions, rehearsal or performance.

  • Think, feel, and behave exclusively from your CHARACTER'S point of view.

  • Enter the script at any point in the story and KNOW what to play.

  • Take on ANY part you are passionate about playing and make it your own.


will be in 2019

Enrollment will be limited. 

Classes are held in a theatre space.

Actors may have opportunities to perform in The Director Workshop (approval required to be on Casting List).


Please email for questions about studying with Bob. Or call him directly at 818.643.1642

Actor Workshops


“Bob is such a great teacher. He really knows his stuff but doesn't hit you over the head with it, instead letting students learn through the process and discover things by themselves; you don't even realize how much you're learning. He creates such a safe and comfortable environment.”

“Bob is one of the best acting teachers I’ve ever had. He’s funny, fair, kind and an expert director.  I can safely say that Bob has helped me become a better actor.”


“Funny, encouraging, passionate and creates an environment in which we feel safe to fail, thus helping us succeed.”


“I love Bob. Love him. Want to take his class all the time.”


“He cares so much! He gives in a way that is motivating, caring, uplifting and empowering.”


“Bob brings out the true performance in each individual. He knows how to stop the insecurities inside you so that you become fully invested in the scene.”

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