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In the time of Covid-19...

It's unfortunate that, for the time being, we're not able to come together in the The Directors Workshop to delve into the collaboration and communication between directors and actors, and to explore the many stories told in our expressive art forms of theatre, film, and television.

But I know that many of us are finding a potential silver lining:  The opportunity to expand our knowledge, to consider how we might sharpen our skills, and to find moments to sit with ourselves and discover the seeds of new and meaningful projects to come.

To quote William Saroyan, "In the time of your life, live." 

Robert Bailey

 Watch this montage featuring pics of a few of our directors & actors at work in The Directors Workshop 

Music by Juliette Bailey

Emerging and seasoned directors confront the same challenge... How do I get the optimal performance from the actor I have cast in the role? 

The Directors Workshop gives directors the tools and hands-on experience to confidently work on their projects in a supportive environment. 
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For ACTORS, private coaching can push your performance beyond your norm, solidify your confidence for an audition, clarify your solo performance, and embolden your skills and strengths as an actor. DIRECTORS also benefit from the one-on-one focus of a coaching session, with the benefit of an outside eye, and guidance toward getting the performance your want from your actors.

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On the Page Podcast 567. Directing for Writers - Pilar Alessandra interviews director Robert Bailey

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