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Testimonial Quotes from Workshop Directors

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"Robert Bailey teaches you all the things a great craftsman of theater or film needs to know when approaching a project.  His inspiring and infectious love for what he does makes each class an epiphany. Don't miss out on this amazing class."

- Antony Berrios, Writer-Director

“Bob's workshop provides a safe and creative space to try out new material and collaborate with talented actors. When you're not actively filming, it's hard to 'practice' directing. This workshop gives you that opportunity. It's helped me as both a director and as a writer..”

- Steve Desmond, Writer-Director, co-writer for M. Night Shyamalan's KNOCK AT THE CABIN


"The Directors Workshop is a great way for directors to learn how to elicit the best performance from actors.  Robert Bailey has an intuitive understanding of the craft and helps a director to connect with actors on a deeper level.  A valuable workshop for both beginners and experienced directors to immerse themselves into the work."

—Kamran Pasha, Writer and Director.  Producer, Sleeper Cell, Nikita, Reign

"I know my way around a camera, but directing performance has been a thorn in my side for many years. No matter how many books I’ve read or acting classes I’ve attended, I could never grasp the concept of directing actors in a tangible way— until I found Robert Bailey’s class..."

-Daniel Riser, Director

“This space and this class really gives you the opportunity to work on anything that you’re passionate about or that you love. And just get an idea of how you would direct it, and how you would get it working.”

- DJ Blickenstaff, Actor-Director

“I think it’s really important to get feedback on your own work. And that’s a great benefit to this class. It’s a very safe environment for directors to work.”

- Vicki Pearlman, Director-Producer

“I used this class to venture into material in a play that I was nervous about doing. What I really value about Bob is that I’ve seen him work with a number of very diverse directors who come from totally different backgrounds. But Bob understands the fundamental skeleton of directing that every director, no matter what kind of work they’re doing, requires.”

Ryan Mcree, Director

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